Foresight and Integration

Foresight and Integration

Can we develop future water scenarios to assess social and technical solutions to address the challenges faced?  

The research aims to understand the long term drivers of change, including their impacts and interactions, to present opportunities for the development of tailored solutions to water provision.


The theme has three main activities:

  • There is a lack of structural foresight in the water sector beyond 20 years; building upon existing national scenarios and future studies, a set of representative water future scenarios will be developed. These scenarios will consider the drivers, emerging technologies, risks and opportunities to the water system over 20-100 years. These will complement the nearer term analyses and research roadmaps being considered by the Water Innovation hub and provide alternative contexts for considering tailored pathways.
  • Roadmapping of modelling and integration activities will be undertaken in close collaboration with stakeholder partners through the Water Innovation Hub. This will develop a research agenda for integrated modelling in the water sector.
  • Addressing the top priorities from the roadmapping exercise, an initial modelling toolkit will be developed to consider and test new approaches, technologies, and data from the wider Twenty65 programme. This will be designed in collaboration with end-users to enable solutions to be considered and assessed in an integrated way with the future water scenarios already developed. As the scenarios are already established, it will allow the consideration of multiple solutions to be used simultaneously i.e. a silver basket of solutions.

Over the longer term we will work with the wider academic, government and industry community to extend the work in Twenty65 to deliver the roadmap vision for water modelling.


Delivery timescales

June 2016-May 2017: Development of future water scenarios 

From Nov 2016: Roadmapping of modelling and integration research

September 2017-August 2019: Modelling tool kit development


How can people get involved?

There are clear opportunities for stakeholders to get involved with:

  • Design of water future scenarios.
  • Co-creating the roadmap for modelling tool research and development.
  • Testing of prototype models and tools and provision of case study data.

Contact the Water Innovation Hub on if you are interested in collaborating on any element of this research.


Academic participants in this theme

Professor Richard Dawson

Professor Martin Mayfield

Claire Walsh

Dr Majed Khadem

Joe Hook