Prof Martin Mayfield

University of Sheffield


Professor Martin Mayfield is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Martin is passionate about the role of Engineering in Society.  Engineers work at the nexus of human and natural systems holding a crucial responsibility to create solutions and develop our infrastructure in a manner that allows humanity to thrive within the carrying capacity of the planet. He is fascinated by the opportunities presented by Complexity Science to improve the resilience and performance of complex adaptive systems such as future energy systems, cities and our national infrastructure. His expertise spans a diverse array of systems engineering, sustainable design, climate change mitigation and adaptation, mission critical systems, city systems and mapping infrastructure interdependencies. This has included system of systems resilience studies for a range of organisations including cities and banks. He has designed a wide range of resilient energy and infrastructure systems such as stadia, data centres and city quarters.

He holds the Chair of Engineering Design at the University of Sheffield after 25 years in practice. As a Director of Ove Arup and Partners Ltd, he held a portfolio including Sustainable Building Leader for the UK, Middle East and Africa, Education Leader for the UK, Middle East and Africa and Leader of the Arup office in Sheffield, leading a team of professional Engineers, working on a diverse array of projects in the UK and overseas. Within this team, he led a Built Environment Research Group, providing thought leadership to the wider group and Arup on the future of sustainable design, identifying and driving the research strategy, horizon scanning and leading the technical progression of sustainable building design and research.

He has led and supported many applied research projects for major industrial clients in the field of sustainable infrastructure including projects such as the definition of a route to zero carbon for the Further Education sector, defining Scope 3 carbon footprinting for the Higher Education Sector and the design of the UK's only Hydrogen powered zero carbon building. He is a regular speaker at conferences on a wide range os tops relating to Sustainable Infrastructure, Cities and Systems. This track record, spanning design and research is focused on the pursuit of sustainable design solutions that balances complex engineered systems with natural systems.

He believes that society needs Engineering Graduates capable of making a difference in the world through their ability to engage with society to deliver creative engineering solutions to address global issues. Teaching Systems Thinking to Engineering, Martin promotes Engineering as a school of thought in the synthesis of design, his focus is to help student develop their ability to make good decisions that allow them to develop their ability to combine robust elemental solutions to create holistic solutions through a greater understanding of the behaviour of complex engineering systems.

His research interests are in the Built Environment, City and Infrastructure Systems interdependencies.

Prof Martin Mayfield