Water is the foundation of society. It sustains life, fuels agriculture and food production, supports our economy, and is crucial to the natural environment.

So how do we build resilience, efficiency and adaptability into our systems, networks and catchments to ensure we all receive clean water, sustainably, by the year 2065?

TWENTY65 are working in partnership across the water sector to tailor water systems so that they positively impact health, the environment, the economy and society.


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The first TWENTY65 podcast ‘Bursting Pipes’ debates the recent cold weather leaving thousands of households without water and how this relates to wider issues of how society values and prioritises water, and what we need to do differently.

Moderated and produced by: Joe Hook, PhD candidate, Urban Water Systems, University of Sheffield


Expert guests: Caroline Wadsworth, Water Innovation Hub Manager for TWENTY65 and Joby Boxall, Professor of Water Infrastructure Engineering at University of Sheffield, and academic lead for TWENTY65

About Us

TWENTY65 is paving the way for a future that is inspired and enabled by research; that collaboratively and coherently accelerates innovation and generates a dynamic and energised water sector that delivers sustainable tailored water solutions that positively impact public health, the environment, the economy and society.