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TWENTY65 is paving the way for a future that is inspired and enabled by research; that collaboratively and coherently accelerates innovation and generates a dynamic and energised water sector that delivers sustainable tailored water solutions that positively impact on public health, the environment, the economy and society.

In the UK, we benefit from a continuous supply of clean water to our houses and businesses 24 hours a day. The Infrastructure used to deliver this is, in general, the same across the country from the south coast up to the northern tip of Scotland and from Wales to the east coast of England. The processes used are energy and chemically intensive, but result in some of the cleanest water in the world delivered to each of us, whenever we need it.


However, our water supply systems are facing numerous and increasing challenges. Our growing population, ageing infrastructure and the impacts of climate change could result in a number of future scenarios.


So how do we build resilience, efficiency and adaptability into our systems, networks and catchments to ensure we all receive clean water, sustainably, by the year 2065 and beyond?


The answer is not straight forwards and requires significant changes to the way we manage and regulate our water systems. We need to develop disruptive innovations and facilitate market uptake, but it is clear that there is no one 'silver bullet' solution.


We need to develop and demonstrate safe technologies and solutions at unusual scales and novel environmental and societal constraints.


The UK Water industry is fragmented and often referred to as 'working in silos'. The TWENTY65 team aim to bridge the innovation gap between cutting-edge academic research and the wider water industry by bringing the industry together to think about water in entirely new ways. We're starting from the assumption that the existing centralised systems are unsustainable from an economic, sociological and ecological perspective. Traditional water treatment plants are large, unpopular with the general public, and require considerable investment to ensure they can continue beyond their current lifespans and operating capacities.


Our mission is to deliver sustainable tailored water solutions with a positive impact for public health, the environment, economy and society. 

Funded initially by the EPSRC, TWENTY65 will develop social and technological solutions tailored to specific challenges at niche locations within the water cycle, resulting in a 'silver basket' of potential solutions. When put together, the 'silver basket' will offer bespoke solutions, deployed at the point-of-need. We can only achieve success with this grand challenge by working coherently with all players within the water industry - if you are interested in working with our growing consortium, please contact us at .

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