Thought Leadership Club

The TWENTY65 series of Thought Leadership Clubs brought together academics, supply chain companies, policy makers, water companies and trade associations to drive transformative change in the UK water sector  through open membership. The clubs created an interdisciplinary mechanism that collectively owned, defined and directed co-production of research and innovation, contributing to a roadmap to transform the UK water sector in the next 50 years and beyond. 

The Clubs drew on the collaborative innovation theme of research and the Clear Ideas framework to deliver true cocreation of a shared vision for the water sector.

Thought Leadership Club events took place between the summer of 2017 and the spring of 2020. Details of the themes explored and some of the outputs are available below.



TLC Theme

Summer 2017

Performance Metrics for Water Systems of the Future (results to feed into Roadmap)

Winter 2017

Performance Metrics #2 - Testing the potential solutions in each scenario

Winter 2018

Planning For Water

Spring 2018

Pipe mapping and robot navigation 

Autumn 2018

Responsible Innovation 

Winter 2019

Evaluation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive

Autumn 2019

Mobilisation Techniques – learning for the water sector, case study presentation.

Spring 2020

Dual Function Rain Water Harvesting /Storm Water Management