Thought Leadership Club

Join us at the TWENTY65 Thought Leadership Club Workshops to:

  • Contribute your perspective and opinions about the future of the water sector
  • Be part of a collaborative team developing a roadmap to transform the UK water sector, or beyond, in the next 50 years
  • Network with academics, supply chain companies, policy makers, water companies, and trade associations
  • Identify further opportunities to get involved in the TWENTY65 research consortium and its activities

The Thought Leadership Club is an interdisciplinary mechanism that collectively owns, defines and directs co-production of research and innovation, initiating and stimulating a journey for transformative change through open membership to any interested parties.


Events Schedule:


TLC Theme

20th June 2017

Performance Metrics for Water Systems of the Future (results to feed into Roadmap)

10th November 2017

Performance Metrics #2 - Testing the potential solutions in each scenario

23rd January 2018

Planning For Water

Spring 2018

Pipe mapping and robot navigation 

Autumn 2018

Responsible Innovation 

Spring 2019

Responsible Innovation – educate & demonstrate. 

Autumn 2019

Mobilisation Techniques – learning for the water sector, case study presentation.

Spring 2020

Dual Function Rain Water Harvesting /Storm Water Management