The Hub

The Hub

Enables collaborative, responsible innovation through roadmapping for the water sector, knowledge capture and dissemination, and facilitation of co-production across the water supply chain.

The Water Innovation Hub (‘The Hub’) is central to coordinating delivery of our research, facilitating industry, supply chain and regulatory links and initiating coproduction of responsible innovation across the water sector. 





The Hub is a unique element of the TWENTY65 project and is the 'glue' between the different stakeholders in the water industry. The Hub team members are exceptionally well networked both regionally, nationally and internationally from a water industry, supply-chain, policy maker , regulator and academic perspective. The  team also have significant experience of breaking down silos between the different stakeholders in the water industry. 


The Hub is developing a research roadmap for the water sector, publishing numerous white papers, and collating resources for the benefit of the wider water industry. It is also responsible for the widespread dissemination of information.


Our mission is to deliver sustainable tailored water solutions with a positive impact for public health, the environment, economy and society. To do this, our research aims to collaboratively and coherently accelerate innovation to generate a dynamic and energised water sector of the future.


The Hub will organise and host an annual conference, the first being in April 2017. If you would like to contribute to the conference (exhibition stand, sponsorship etc), please contact .


Key contacts:

Caroline Wadsworth, Water Innovation Hub Manager,

Dr Vanessa Speight, Water Innovation Hub Managing Director,

Prof Joby Boxall, Principal Investigator/Prof of Water Infrastructure Engineering,

Emma Westling, Impact Specialist,

Charlotte Swain, Partnership Specialist,

Lindsey Farnsworth, Water Innovation Hub Administrative Officer,

General Information: