Prof Joby Boxall

University of Sheffield


TWENTY65 Principal Investigator

Tel: 0114 222 5760 


Prof. Boxall´s research interests are concerned with understanding and modelling hydraulic, water quality and infrastructure performance throughout the natural and urban environment. His research interests are multi-disciplinary and have a number of cross cutting themes that include research in full-scale live systems, pilot and laboratory systems, with the application of theoretical, computational and analytical approaches, including software development. Specific themes include:

  • The monitoring, modelling, operation and management of potable water distribution systems for both quantity, with an emphasis on leakage, and quality encompassing physical, biological and chemical changes and interactions
  • The dynamics and impacts of pollutants in open channel systems
  • The hydraulic and pollution performance of urban drainage systems
  • Application of ICT for data collection from disparate urban water systems, together with computation (soft computing) techniques to turn data to information to knowledge
  • Asset management and whole life costs, including energy and carbon, associated with water distribution and sewer systems

Activities and Distinctions

  • Research manager leading the stimulation and development of a strategic programme of research for potable water distribution systems within the Pennine Water Group (EPSRC platform grant centre) and the Yorkshire Water Services strategic partnership.
  • Senate Award winner for development of Student Centred Hydraulics Laboratory Classes, to promote inquiry based learning at an early stage in undergraduate study.
  • Regular consultant to water industry for services in water distribution systems, particularly related to discoloured water.
  • Member of the College of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).
  • Director of SWIG (Sensors for Water Interest Group)
  • Water Industry Achievements Awards 2010, IWEX University Challenge Award Winner
  • Founder member of the Water Treatment and Supply network.
Prof Joby Boxall