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The annual TWENTY65 conference (in partnership with leading water sector organisations) is a unique not-for-profit development and networking opportunity for Practitioners, Water Companies, Technology Developers, Policy Makers, Regulators and Researchers paving the way to a future that delivers sustainable clean water for all.



This event took place at the Innside Hotel, Manchester on the 4th-5th April 2017.


The first annual TWENTY65 conference, 'Bringing the water sector together' was a resounding success, thank you to all those who attended and contributed to the two days. Delegates from across the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa and Australia joined us in a truly interdisciplinary event that addressed many topics and facilitated numerous new collaborations.

The event attracted representatives from Practitioners, Water companies, Researchers, Technology Developers, Policy makers and Regulators and demonstrated the depth and quality of work and research being undertaken by the water sector to address the challenges of today and the future.

We are keen to hear about any new contacts made or partnerships in development as a result of the conference, so please drop us a note at so we can use your feedback as one measure of impact from the conference.


Access to the presentations given at the 2017 conference is provided in the resources section below.


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