The Water Cycle by Ruth Levene


A series of presentations in the style of a weather forecast by academics whose research focuses on urban water management. Using a large poster of a water cycle and a series of stick on cards, illustrated by Jo Salter, they describe issues surrounding water including flooding, governance, the maintenance of pipes, pollutants, farming & regulators.

This work was made during a residency with Pennine Water Group, University of Sheffield. Funded by EPSRC through Pennine Water Group, The University of Sheffield.


Illustrations: Jo Salter 
Additional Camera and sound: Ian Nesbitt

Special thanks to Jo Salter, Dr Liz Sharp, Dr Vanessa Speight, Professor Joby Boxhall, Dr Henriette Jensen, Dr Will Shepard, Paul Graham Raven, Dr James Shucksmith.


Thanks to all researchers and staff at Pennine Water Group.
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