Dr Richard Collins

University of Sheffield


My current main research interests are involved in the assessment and mitigation of pressure transients in water distribution systems. Pressure transients are waves of rapidly altering pressures in pipe systems that have the potential to damage assets and cause water quality failures by intruding contaminants through, for instance, leaks. I have a further interest in the interaction of these pipe systems.

Activities and Distinctions

  • I am currently working on two resesrch projects in relation to transients:
  • Contaminant Ingress in Distribution Systems (CID): a project assessing the potential of low pressures to cause contaminants to enter drinking water systems
  • Transients Monitoring and Mitigation: This is a project working with Yorkshire Water where we are installing a network of long term high frequency pressure monitoring locations in their distribution network. This will allow us to assess the magnitude and frequency of transients, and suggest some mitigation methods.
Dr Richard Collins
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