New Survey to create a database of public engagement projects (‘mobilisations’) across the UK water sector.

Posted: 19.03.2019

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The ‘Mobilising Publics’ theme has launched a survey to understand how public engagement (‘mobilisations’) happens across the UK water sector and what benefits they bring.


Mobilisations are projects where water organisations work with a group of the public to encourage them to act differently or change their practices with a view to making a ‘better’ water system. 


The survey will be part of a database of mobilisations projects with the aim to:

1) provide opportunities for learning related to mobilisation across projects and organisations;

2) expose and celebrate the great work that is already happening in terms of water organisations working with citizens/consumers to address water related challenges.


 Are you involved in a project where you encourage members of the public to act or change their water related practices? If so, please be part of this research and add your project to our survey here




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