EPSRC PhD Studentship in: Investigating the Impact of the Dynamics of Water Distribution Systems on Water Pipe Leakage

Posted: 30.04.2020

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University of Sheffield - Sheffield Water Centre in collaboration with UKWIR and the Centre for Doctoral Training in Water Infrastructure and Resilience

This project will undertake a novel experimental programme to understand how repeated transient pressure waves of low and medium amplitude cause degradation of pipes and joints by processes akin to a fatigue mechanism. By combing high quality experiments in the new ICAIR facility with analysis of previously collected real world transient data the project will determine mechanisms through which transients can cause and increase leakage. The derived understanding will have a transformative impact by enabling water companies to highlight problematic transients and mitigate them in their systems. The laboratory tests required as part of the project will be undertaken in the world unique ICAIR research facility at the University of Sheffield, making use of the pressurised pipe facilities and capability of undertaking controlled laboratory experiments on real scale buried pipes. The project proposal is supported by UKWIR ( as part of their Zero leakage Big Question.


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