Are you an SME looking for funding to develop a new product or service?

Posted: 14.05.2019

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The Water Hub small grant scheme aims to support the development of
innovative products, processes and services in the water sector, especially from
non-traditional smart specialization sectors.  
Grants may be requested for ideas at the outset of development or used to increase technology readiness level of products and services. We will consider proposals in any aspect of the water sector, from improving water efficiency in residential properties, to developing new catchment management tools, or reducing water pollution in rivers, and new ways of utilizing wastewater. Proposals may include work to pump-prime new products, test ideas, access demonstration facilities or survey public opinion. We are purposefully keeping our definition of the water sector broad, and the use of award as flexible, so SMEs can think creatively to support their innovation journey.
You will need to go through a 2-stage process:  
1. Complete a short Expression of Interest (EOI) first, and  
2. If successful, you will be invited to complete a more  
detailed application, which will be reviewed by two  
of The Water Hub team ahead of funding.

For more information, contact


Please note project delivery will be limited to 6 months.  

The deadline for the first wave of Expressions of Interest  
(EOI) is Friday 31st May at 5:00pm and the following stages  
are scheduled as follows:  
o Notification of outcome of EOI:  7th June 2019 o Deadline for submitting full applications: 28th June 2019 o Notification of outcome of full application:  10th July 2019 o Start of the project: mid-end of July 2019 o Completion of the project:  by 31st January 2020  
At least two members of The Water Hub team will assess your full application. The
criteria used to assess your application will be:  
o Is there a business need or challenge?  
o Is there a clearly identified innovation?
o Is the applicant aware of their customers, end-users and competitors?
o How will the project deliver economic benefit to the North East region?  
o Does the work align with The Water Hub’s aims and objectives?  
o Are there opportunities for further collaboration?  
o Is the proposed work/solution good value for money?  
o How will the applicant monitor and report progress?  
o Has the applicant considered wider benefits (marketing, engagement)?
o Does the team have relevant experience?  
o Will provision of a small grant improve their resources available?  




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