Thought Leadership Club Workshop 'Planning For Water'

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This meeting involves a partnership between the Town and Country Planning Association’s Raynsford Review of Planning, TWENTY65 and BEGIN to bring an opportunity for stakeholders concerned about water management to contribute to the Raynsford Review 2018.


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Arrival, coffee and registration





Liz Sharp TWENTY65


Introduction to Raynsford Review of Planning


Hugh Ellis

Town & Country Planning Association


Discussion in break out groups: water supply issues, flood management issues, water quality issues



Feedback from groups on what new solutions are required




Tea and close

Liz Sharp

Hugh Ellis

Who is this Thought Leadership Club for?

 Stakeholders with an interest in how water is managed seeking to explore:

  • How the current land use planning system support / hinder good water management at present?
  • If future land-use planning is to support sustainable water management, what powers would it have and how would it work?
  • All those interested in the built environment

Join us to:

  • Contribute your perspectives and opinions on the effects of heavily deregulated planning and how we can deliver better placemaking.
  • Be part of the collaboration informing the Raynsford Review 2018, ensuring the evaluations of the UK water sector are included, informing the next 50 years and beyond.
  • Network with academics, supply chain companies, policy makers, water companies, and trade associations
  • Identify further opportunities to get involved in the TWENTY65 research

What is this Meeting about?                                                                                

Flood Risk Management Plans, Water Resource Management Plans and River Basin Management Plans provide a plethora of processes through which organisations plan how to manage water.  But water cannot be managed in isolation from the land and properties it flows across, over and through.  How could or should land use planning help deliver better and more sustainable water systems?


Why now?

England is still becoming acquainted with a heavily deregulated planning system. Since 2010, when planning legislation was first relaxed to accommodate housing growth, there have been complaints from both the private and public sector that the system is unsustainable.


The UK Town and Country Planning Association has instituted the Raynsford Review seeking to provide practical and comprehensive policy guidance to overcome these issues in a way that is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders.  The review seeks to identify “how the Government can reform the English planning system to make it fairer, better resourced and capable of producing quality outcomes, while still encouraging the production of new homes”.  Chaired by former labour planning minister Nick Raynsford, the review has been collating evidence since June 2017 with the aim of generating a report to bring to all party conferences in 2018. (See for more details). This thought leadership club offers the opportunity for water sector professionals and activists to contribute to this far reaching review of the UK’s land-use planning system


Venue: Lecture Theatre A, John Pemberton Suite, Regents Courts, 211 Portobello Suite, The University of Sheffield