Social Science of Water Network Day 2018

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An additional workshop to the 2018 TWENTY65 conference, and a follow up to last year’s successful event, the social science of water network day aims to create a space where those researching social aspects of water management can interact freely to share and discuss research.  Whereas the main TWENTY65 conference is explicitly inter-disciplinary, the social science of water networking day is a forum where we can present social science theory and use jargon that might not be understandable by our more technical colleagues. 


As identified in the 2017 meeting, participants share a focus on collaborative interpretive research on water.   This means that we have shared commitments to:

  • methodological pluralism in research – valuing a range of approaches and knowledges,
  • the ethical treatment of our research participants as thoughtful and intelligent agents,
  • the importance of understanding social factors including institutional and domestic practices as part of a route to a more sustainable water system,
  • the benefits of networking as a means of overcoming disciplinary and professional isolation

The day involves three consecutive sessions: Please see Agenda 

Please note: if you have material which you feel would make an especially pertinent contribution to sessions 1 or 2, please e-mail the session convenors to discuss whether / how your contribution can be incorporated into the session plans. 

(e-mail; or 

All participants are asked to contribute briefly in Session 3.    


The cost of this Network Day is:

TWENTY65 Conference Delegates - £60

Standard Delegate Fee - £75

Early Stage Student Rate - £40



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