Modelling Mixing Mechanisms in 1D Water Network Models

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The Diamond Building, Sheffield


This free Workshop will feature state-of-the-art presentations from a range of academics and practitioners concerned with mixing processes.  The talks will encompass laboratory, field and numerical methods and highlight challenges associated with understanding and modelling mixing processes.

The event is aimed at academic researchers, water quality modellers, and practitioners with real-life mixing problems.  Attend the meeting to:

  • Hear reviews of current practice and discussions on future challenges
  • Gain an overview of the Fellowship objectives
  • Suggest additional areas of interest
  • Offer interesting case studies

This event is being held to launch a 5-year EPSRC Fellowship awarded to Professor Ian Guymer.  The aims of the Fellowship are to quantify physical flow processes and to develop new approaches for describing solute mixing processes within 1D numerical network models.  The Fellowship will integrate numerical analysis, with focussed laboratory and field studies, providing unique data.  This will quantify fundamental residence time distributions (RTDs) to more accurately describe the mixing mechanisms present within hydraulic networks.  It integrates knowledge across several research fields to address a major societal concern: the occurrence of contaminants in water systems.


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