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Making a difference in the UK and Africa - Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor joins the hAQUAthon challenge setting team
hAQUAthon 2018


Following the success of the 2017 event, which brought together over 80 water industry experts, the hAQUAthon will return on the 27th & 28th November 2018 in Birmingham: merging data science, innovation and collaboration to drive innovation through a fun, informal event.


The event is produced by decisionLab and Artesia Consulting in conjunction with Twenty65 and the Future Water Association all working in the sphere of data science application within water and beyond. 


The event will provide the opportunity to build new networks, identify real-world solutions to big challenges and accelerate innovation in the water community. The event aims to go beyond theory and “ideation” and yield actionable solutions.


The hAQUAthon water data “hack” will take place on the 27th & 28th November in Birmingham. This event is sponsored  by Affinity Water who will be supplying a rich set of structured and unstructured data for participants to use to solve  three key challenges.

  • The long-term resilience of water and wastewater systems
  •  Delivering great customer service  combined with affordability
  • Protecting the environment

Affinity have now been joined by Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), which is a not for profit company that helps transform cities to benefit the millions who lack access to water and sanitation across Africa and Bangladesh. Participants will be able to take data from both companies and choose to apply their knowledge to a UK based solution or for an urban centre overseas. By attending this free to attend data “hack” attendees will have the opportunity to both utilise their knowledge and create possible solutions for the benefit of those living in the  UK and for those living in more challenging locations.

Rosemary Campbell, Head of Water at Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor: “ We at WSUP are excited to be part of this fun but serious event to help solve what are seen as intractable problems for our partner utilities, such as reducing leakage in pipes to enable a better service to city residents.” These data sets from both companies, will enable participants to analyse and manipulate a rich end- to- end set of data that is pulling from real life commercial  & operational cycles. At the conclusion of the two days, participants will pitch ideas to industry leaders, with the most feasible being given consideration to take further in commercial organisations and  into operation. Winners will also have the chance to share in £1,000 but everyone attending will get the opportunity to meet others in the sector, network, test ideas in a unique environment and push the limits on conventional thinking. Join us for this unique even and use your innovation to help those in the UK and further afield!


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