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Meet Our Event Sponsor, Eco Microbial

Date: Wednesday 15 March 2017
Time: 09:30 – 17:00
Venue: Vincent Building, Cranfield University

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Eco Microbial is a new range of natural microbiology based products for Waste Water, Waste, Hygiene and Odour treatments.

Launching the ultimate FOG treatments, based on patented live & stabilised Pseudomonas formulations, EcoMicrobial is introducing two new brands: Stopblox & Ecobaxx for Commercial & Industrial applications.

Eco Microbial is part of the Eco Biotechnologies group, a S’Investec Project, working with the best technology Partners; world leaders in the field of industrial microbiology. A ‘natural’ addition to S’Investec’s Industrial Biotechnology Portfolio, Eco Microbial is exploiting the fascinating and powerful world of microbiology – fit for purpose products to displace those that fail to perform and those that are environmentally harmful.

Growing populations coupled with expansion of cities, climate change, and the increasing number of food establishments are putting our sewer networks under great pressure. Water companies have to respond to over 370,000 sewer blockages every year. Over 80% of these are caused by fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in association with ‘non-flushable’ products. Every foodservice business and household produces FOG as part of its operation and cooking activities. These discharges of fats, oils and grease need therefore  to be intercepted and collected, treated, and disposed of safely and efficiently, rather than simply ‘flushed away’.

FOG can be fought at different levels. However, to win the battle, every stakeholder needs to play their part. And we need to combine education, collaboration, and new technologies and processes to achieve absolute success.

Why attend?
The event will cover the entire FOG lifecycle: from the kitchens to the final recycling plant, and will provide a fantastic learning experience. This conference will showcase the latest achievements in industry led research, communication and application of technologies. The speakers represent restaurant chains, grease managers, the water industry, academia, and more.

The event will present theory and stories of success on behavioural management, collaboration, and new technologies applied throughout the entire FOG cycle.

Who should attend?
Water companies and their suppliers, restaurants, property managers and owners, catering equipment providers, food service kitchen designers, local authorities, environmental consultants, health officers and those interested in FOG.