Dr Graham Stafford

University of Sheffield

Research in Twenty65:

Theme 1 - Demand Based Technologies for Tailored Treatment


Dr Graham Stafford is based in the University of Sheffield Dental School where he runs a diverse research Group with the overriding aim of understanding and application of molecular level knowledge of microbiological systems to real-world problems.  This builds on a broad microbiology training that started with a PhD on the environmental oxidation of methane, followed by Postdoc work on flagellar protein secretion and culminating in his current role as a Reader in microbiology in Sheffield.


His work in Twenty65 is aimed at understanding and potentially applying the microbiology of bacteria from FOG deposits (Fatbergs- see pic from a recent sample), with a view to creating naturally inspired solutions for use in FOG treatment in the UK-Water industry. 


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Dr Graham Stafford
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