Leverage and Development Fund Access and Assessment Criteria

Last updated: 16/11/2017

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The TWENTY65 consortium proposal included flexible resources to allow for exploration and development of opportunities that were not foreseeable at the time of preparation. This resource sets out details of how this funding may be accessed.

The aim of this fund is to support research with external parties to work with us on spin-off, new, creative, and transformative ideas.


The fund is to be accessed through an open competitive process, as detailed in the attached document. The primary resource available is a total of 24-months flexible researcher time, funds are also available to support travel and subsistence and consumables.


As with TWENTY65 in general, these resources are modest in comparison to the ambition. Hence a primary criterion is leverage of external funding.


There are no specific requirements or restriction of what can be applied for within the budget restrictions. The fund is open to any academic consortium members (in compliance with the RCUK funding source and the consortium agreement). The resources are particularly targeted to promote collaboration, cross disciplinary work and to provide added value to the consortium aligned with the overall objectives of the consortium proposal. Alignment with the themes is not necessarily a requirement, where this is present it must be made clear how the proposal adds value that could not otherwise be realised.


Awards will be decided by a bespoke board comprising representation from the TWENTY65 Management and Leadership Boards. Successful applications will be required to provide a short report summarising their use of, and outputs from, the fund on completion.