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In collaboration with Future Water Association (FWA), TWENTY65 have developed an Innovation Training Programme which addresses the numerous reasons why many innovations fail to be implemented in the water industry. This programme ran for the first time in September (Module 1) and October (Module 2) 2017. 


The training programme has been designed for anyone working in the water industry who wants to spark creative thinking and accelerate the implementation of innovation. Participants also had the opportunity to network across the industry with the supply chain, water companies and academics to share challenges and learn to collaborate more effectively.


The 4-day training programme is organised into two blocks of 2 days each, with one month in between which allows participants to put elements of the training into practice between successive training sessions.  The first block of training provided an overview of the water industry business in the UK, and looked at how to analyse problems and generate creative solutions. The second block covered how to successfully market and implement these creative solutions.


So far the course has been run with 12 trainees, generating positive feedback with it being called 'very useful'. Twenty65 and FWA are now following up on the trainees to observe the impact it has made for them in the workplace.


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