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It is important that TWENTY65’s research agenda and outcomes are disseminated at a national level, influence strategic thinking nationally and have a good strategic fit with other relevant research and policy initiatives. In order to do this TWENTY65 proposed to create a Strategic Advisory Board operating at a national level and consisting of senior executives from major relevant sectors who are in a position to direct and influence the national research and policy agenda.


The roles of the Strategic advisory board are to: 

  1. Provide Strategic Leadership to the TWENTY65 programme of research through advice to the Leadership Board;
  2. Promote alignment with national research and policy initiatives including the activities of UK Water Partnership;
  3. Promote, disseminate TWENTY65 research activity, research roadmaps and outcomes at a national level including ambassadorial and public relations activity;
  4. Promote TWENTY65 as a UK research flagship in water;
  5. Increase awareness of TWENTY65 activity to national media and politicians;
  6. Ensure other programmes of research and policy initiatives take due regard of and support TWENTY65 activity and research roadmaps.
  7. Provide strategic advice to ensure the sustainability of TWENTY65 beyond the funded programme.


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