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Reshaping the Domestic Nexus

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Reshaping the Domestic Nexus is a project bringing together academics from leading research groups with policy partners in BEIS, DEFRA, FSA and Waterwise (linked below). The researchers are from research groups that have been at the forefront of new ways of understanding how householders’ routine activities end up demanding resources, including energy, food and water. This project’s purpose is to make that understanding useful for informing actual policy processes with our policy partners.


The research is being led by Matt Watson at the University of Sheffield, with Mike Foden, David Evans, and Liz Sharp, also at the University of Sheffield, and Ali Browne at the University of Manchester.


This collaboration ran from Sept 2016 - Aug 2017.


Website links:


The University of Sheffield 

The University of Manchester

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Food Standards Agency




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